Studio Kenza


Kenza Design is a Hertfordshire-based interior design consultancy.The client’s are predominantly from London and Hertfordshire, but not exclusively. Clients point to Kenza’s timeless aesthetic, neat detailing, and structured approach as the reason why they commission it’s services.

Kenza creates spaces that truly inspire the people who use them. Whatever the purpose of the space the overall aim is to reflect each client’s design ambition and aesthetics. Kenza spaces are unique and, they look effortless, reflect a punctilious regard for the principle of great design and a meticulous attention to detail.

Kenza comprises a small design team, enabling Eunice to personally supervise all projects and keep the design process within her control. Eunice’s extensive commercial experience and business acumen ensure that every project progresses smoothly, whatever the size of the project.

Together with it’s strong network of industry specialists, such as architects, skilled craftsmen and garden designers Kenza offers it’s clients a highly individual, assiduously approached concept-to-design solution.

To design beautiful and comfortable spaces that will inspire people who will be using them.

Our aim is to create a sense of feeling in a space and show our clients that well-designed spaces can elevate how people live, work and act in those spaces.

In a sentence, we are passionate and obsessed with great interior design. We push the boundaries to completely reinvent spaces, creating spacing you will never want to leave.


The founder of Kenza - Eunice

Interior designer Eunice De Campi is a lot like her work: meticulous in approach, international in outlook, imaginative and sophisticated.
Alumna of the National Design Academy and a former accountant (working for a multi-million pound construction company), Eunice is admired for having a head for detail (“great design is in the details”) and an eye for trends. Her projects reflect an ability to translate her clients’ desires into composite designs that are aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Creative to the core, she is lauded by her clients for her ability to skilfully transform the unlikeliest of spaces into triumphs of design know-how.

After several successful years of accountancy, Eunice decided to turn her full attention and energy to pursuing her talent and long-held passion for transforming interiors. Spurred on by her nearest and dearest, she founded her East Barnet-based design studio, Kenza, in 2011, in part to prove to people that “beautiful design can be affordable and has the capacity to transform lives”. Through Eunice’s tenacity, ambition, and drive, Kenza has become a thriving design studio highly regarded by a burgeoning list of residential and commercial clients.

The company has built up an impressive portfolio of projects ranging from retail venues to refined manor houses, and the bulk of its commissions come from existing clients. Projects bear witness to Eunice’s timeless aesthetic, neat detailing and exceptional finishing. And, always keen to impress, she is rarely without a visual surprise up her sleeve.

Whether deliberating on design priorities with property owners, liaising with architects and surveyors or co-coordinating next year’s Christmas decorations and lighting schemes with both her commercial and residential clients, Eunice’s creativity, drive and attention to detail have been instrumental in her success.

Her philosophy? It is to inspire and delight a discerning clientele with her commitment to intelligent design, traditional craftsmanship and exceptional service. This is a philosophy that has paid these former accountant dividends: Eunice has become one of Hertfordshire’s sought-after designers.

When she’s not helping her clients to achieve the full potential of their living or working spaces, there’s a strong chance you’ll find her indulging in her other passions: gardening, entertaining and up-cycling household items. On the latter, she remarks, tellingly: “Up-cycled items have a visual story to impart. They exude individuality. They’re totally, utterly, one-of-a-kind.”

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