Springfield School

Staffroom Refurbishment

Client:Springfield School



Designing a staffroom is all about creating a beautiful and yet functional space where teachers can relax during their break time. Here we concentrated on creating a sense  feeling  in this environment. We also allowed plenty of natural light to helps teacher feel even more relaxed. This design was based on creating a multi purpose space.


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The Brief.

The brief was create an environment where teachers can eat, and chat to fellow staff, escape and have privacy, store personal belongings in a safe place, find information and news (bulleting board), and store important documents

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The staffroom was divided into small units to accommodate different seating requirements including sofy modular seating

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When you give your teachers a chance to take a break in an environment that's conducive to them restoring ther energy, then the completed then  the well-designed staffroom can be a major factor in getting the very best out of their skills and comitment