Beverley Road

Client:Private Client


Type:Compelete House Refurbishment

With this project we worked on all four building blocks of design:-

Layout: by understanding the layout of each room in the house we were able to maximise the space and create multifunctional environments

Colour: by choosing and using the right colours to change the feel of the space, and profound effect on people's mood we created  a special calm, quiet room  where the family can relax after a long day at work.

Light; by layering we created ambience and how to get the most from natural light and ways to brighten up space with artificial lighting. 

Storage Solutions: finding storage spaces in places and in ways the client would never have imagined

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The Brief.

The client asked us to design the whole house and make some structural changes.  As a busy professional family, they wanted a modern and contemporary home. 

Our goals: that the home feel light, livable, and assembled over time.

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The family moved out of the house whilst the work was taking place, was the best option for a project of such scale

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White Glove:

With our experience in logistics, after purchasing from suppliers and manufacturers all orders are received by our storage facilities who will check the pieces and hold them securely until required for installation when the project is complete.