Hadley High Stone

Client:Private Client



This project was all about comfort, refined and layered. To achieve this, we brought in durable upholstery, surfaces, and finishes; highlighted with modern contemporary accents.

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The Brief.

The Brief:

The client wanted to create a more contemporary, comfortable and luxurious feeling entertaining room with well defined areas for a dining room and lounge all in one large room.

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After redecorating we brought in durable upholstery and textures to this scheme which the client loved. Thought the room had expensive pieces we also created a cosy lounge. 


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With this project we concentrated on three building blocks of design:-

Layout: by understanding the layout of each area we were able to maximise the space and create dual-functional environments

Colour: by choosing and using the right colours to change the feel of the space, and profound effect on people's mood we created  a special calm and relaxing lounge.

Light; by layering we created ambience and how to get the most from natuaral light and ways to brighten up the space with artificial lighting.