Decorating small spaces

Decorating small spaces

Whether you’re living in a small apartment or even a smaller-sized home, decorating can be a challenge how can you make your partial space seem bigger? The main objective is to maximize the space you have while giving the illusion that space is bigger than it actually is. Here are a few easy home-decorating ideas to try.

Lighten up!

Dark hues are generally don’t work in smaller rooms, neutral colours create the illusion of a larger area. Dark colours although trendy and often very snug and cosy, are best left for larger spaces. Using darker colours in smaller rooms can often create a suffocating feeling as though the walls are closing in, so keep to lighter colours in space-challenged rooms and incorporate dark tones with accents in terms of furnishing accessories.


Work your magic with mirrors. They are an ideal home accessory for making a room appear larger. Hanging a mirror opposite a window allows light to bounce around a room, making the room spacious. The bigger the mirror the better, try using reflective furniture or placing multiple mirrors for maximum impact. In bedrooms mirrors can be installed on sliding wardrobe doors or as a feature why not cover an entire wall.

Size matters!

With a smaller room, it’s very important that the scale of your furniture is proportionate to the room itself. Avoid overcrowding, large-scale furnishings that take up a lot of visual space, not to mention floor space. The more floor on show, the larger the room will look. Proportion is key to mastering this tip. Along with size pay attention to the features of furniture for a room. For example, furniture with legs as opposed to pieces that extend to the floor, tend to look less chunky. Opting for furniture with legs showing opens up a smaller spaces by drawing the eye upward and creates the illusion of more light. Clear acrylic or glass pieces also give a lighter-weight appearance. Round furniture, takes up less space so consider round coffee tables or side tables. Lastly, avoid overly bulky furniture.


Stay away from heavy curtains and ornate window dressing. They may look pretty but can reduce natural light. optimize windows in a small room to bring light into every corner. Coupled with light-colour walls, sunlight will add a sense if space. Consider slatted window blinds, very sheer curtains or bamboo shades; these provide privacy when closed, but also allow sun to filter through. Frosted glass treatment is also an option.

Last but not least

A final tip for making the most of a small space: Small spaces can get cluttered and messy really quickly. That’s why it’s important whenever possible to create sensible storage solutions so look for items or furniture that can be used multi-purposely. For example, maybe a coffee table (trunk) that offers storage. Furniture that can be downsized is another way of creating space. Perhaps a dining room table where leaf’s can be removed when not needed or maybe a folding chair that can be closed away when guests leave.

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