You’re free to choose a package that suits your needs, we understand each project is unique and clients want different things.

All items will be purchased for you from our trade only suppliers when you work with us.

Yes, we can interior designers work well with architects and builders.

Any installations and deliveries should be paid in full upon scheduling. There should be no open balances once you receive your items.

We will always aim to finalize the project by the planned date, however, delays occur. Items can go out of stock, come in damaged, and not meet our quality inspections. Also, some items deliveries can be delays due to weather. Things like this can set project deadlines back and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Realistic, a project budget will always be established at the beginning of every project.

Custom furniture is bespoke items for a space on project to project bases.

As interior designers we the have education, training and experience. We will save you money by avoiding any costly mistakes and save you time as well and most importantly you will get ‘The Look’ you’ve always wanted.

For us no project is too small or too big.

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