How Covid19 Pandemic Has Changed The Way we Live

How Covid19 Pandemic Has Changed The Way we Live

Since the beginning of Covid19 pandemic, our homes have been serving as makeshift workplace, school, gym and pub as we spend more time in them than before.

According to research, this could be our new normal especially working from home for most of us. Coronavirus pandemic has been a time for reflection for most of us, a time to focus, reset and adapt. This time has allowed us to think of how we really want to live in our homes, which is important to us and any material stuff do not matter anymore. Now more than ever we all need homes that support our wellbeing and make us happy. As you may know, you can never find a happy home, only you can create your happier and healthier home. Its time to go deeper than just décor to show how our homes are the key to living well. Explore the importance of the flow and mood in your space. Decide what to keep, what to give away and what to throw away. If you want to feel calm, happy, content or energised begin with your surroundings. The best home is about your careful placement of possessions, having enough daylight, and adding living energy to your space. There’s light at the end of the tunnel on the home front.

In times of uncertainty, we seek comfort and our homes are places of solace and value. Though interior design might be a discretionary item, that can easily be put on hold, we all want to live in comfortable and beautiful homes. As soon as there’s a certainty, in this case as soon as there’s a vaccine available, things will start to calm down and you will want to refresh or update your home again. You will start purchasing all those items that would have been made to make your home most comfortable. Decorating your home is about self-respect and the only easy way to make you happier and positive as you walk through your door. Also, your home and surroundings are a reflection of you, so surround yourself with the best you can afford.

Kenza Design Service offers two Consultations:-
1. DIY clients who want to seek interior design advice and inspiration for home decorating but loves the satisfaction of tackling the project on your own.
2. Clients who seek an interior design professional to manage the whole project, whether its re-design, renovate or any other variations you might.

I would love to hear what you’ve been doing to improve your home during this time of uncertainty and lockdown. Please comment below.

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