Intelligent Glass

Intelligent Glass


What is intelligent glass? Intelligent glass put simply is glass that’s been fused with modern technology allowing an interchangeable appearance between clear and frosted at a users fingertips.

Clever huh?

Otherwise known as switchable glass, this intelligent material is becoming a largely sought after innovation across residential and the commercial design sector. Crafting privacy solutions for mainstream offices, hospitals and health services as well as universities, government builds and banks.

Using this product feature is limitless, from car windows to residential interiors, shower units and commercial buildings. The instant privacy credential is a clear unique selling point alone especially as more individuals are seeking to renovate and modernise their existing properties as an alternative to moving. Not only does this revolutionary technology ooze style and sophistication, clients also reap the benefits of premier insulation against heat loss and sound transmission.

How does it work? the glass functions by electro chromatics which when applied by voltage allow the product to interchange between transparency and an opaque status. “It’s as simple as a light bulb to operate, providing instant switchable privacy at the press of a button” – say, one supplier.

Intelligent glass also boasts that the uses for their technology is only held in reserve by an individual’s imagination and are able to provide and meet almost all requirements.

The glass is also available in a wide array of colours, great for any interior space. This would also work perfectly in children’s bedroom or playrooms instead of having window treatments, boys tend not to like curtains when they get to a certain age.

We predict that we will be seeing this featured allot more in new and existing developments as home technology increases popularity and foresee this being more so amongst Tec fans and swanky homeowners alike.

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