Romantic Interiors

Romantic Interiors


Valentine’s day tends to be all about Roses, chocolates and expensive lingerie.

So in admiration of cupid, here are a few tasteful decorating ideas which when done right will ensure the romance and love stay in your home long past Valentine’s Day.

Ornate Romance

Dusty shades of pink and Rosie hues will give a whimsical romantic sense to any room. Opulent artisan draped full-length curtains will create a dreamy atmosphere, try using blush silks and fine chiffons. Introduce vintage details, from intricate carving and delicate patterns, try using antique gold for a regal timeworn component. Ornate headboards with Plush upholstery and a lavish design base will give any room a touch of adoring elegance. We are sure this bedroom will be filled with lingering looks and tender touches.

Dark And Mischievous Mind

A deep dark colour pallet can create a moody yet sexual atmosphere. Think Christians greys love chamber, just not as extreme. Pairing lusting reds, deep emerald greens and slate greys in rich textures can create a sultry and seductive room setting. Keep in mind to much red can turn a bedroom gaudy, so rather look for a few accents in rose red or a feature furniture piece. Gloss blacks and leathers are an option but are more sinister than romantic. When it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere it’s best to stay away from boxy or severe furniture with sharp edges, so think curves.

Sensual Masculinity

The combination of romance and masculinity seems an impossible theme to accomplish. However, achieving a masculine interior that oozes sex appeal isn’t. The choice of material is rather key to obtaining a room with a lavish masculine appearance, finishes like brass, glass and leather are also staples of masculine decor that offer a sexy complexity to any interior. Think rugged but well-groomed. No bright nor airy colours, opt for dark shades and structural design, let the materials hold the conversation. Crushed velvet in deep blue’s and greys work well, alongside cow hides, fur rugs and worn suedes. Strong geometrics, straight lines and framed architectural prints can make for a stylish swoon-inducing favourite. Imagine Leonardo in the Great Gatsby.

Remember a huge factor in creating a romantic environment is without a doubt lighting. Nothing says sexy like dim mood lighting it’s atmospheric and flattering. So avoid harsh fluorescents.

Think about installing a dimmer switch, you can up the romance immediately by dimming the lights at the touch of a button. Chandlers and wall scones encapsulate the classical romantic approach.

Candles always carry a romantic suggestion and the light they cast is possible the sexiest around and let’s face it, everyone looks good in candlelight.

Perhaps you are looking to inject a little love into your home or have another Interior design project in mind? why not contact us today to discuss your scheme further.

Images sourced from Pinterest

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