room of the week

room of the week

In the heart of Milan is a small bistro called Potafiori and acts as a part florist, part bar-cafe, with the look of minimal high-end exhibition space. Designed by Storage Associate, the interior is as unique as the concept. Potafiori is both cool and unexpected in design.

The space is built up of clean concrete panels supporting the original arches of the 20th-century building. Rigid surfaces and minimal structure mingle against contrasting brass metallic’s and rustic wooden floors, all which befit the design.

The design is a perfect example of how simple and modern interior design can be formed with pure materials.

The natural stone slabs used to host the flowers and buffet bars are made from ceppo lombardo (limestone) which is undoubtedly a characteristic material of 1950s Milan facades. The Plants which are also watered from custom brass pipes add a sense of warmth and life to what would be as a standalone interior rather cold.The perfect balance of modern concrete architecture and greenery deflects this and creates visual interest and also beauty.

Image credit: / pinterest

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