room of the week

room of the week

Interiors for cafes, bars and restaurants are endlessly improving and evolving, setting out to change and craft innovative dining experiences.

I love Paris which is located in the heart of Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport is a representative of just that. Designed with the reclamation with the idea of luxury travel from a past era by India Mahdavi, the restaurant boasts three sections; a stylish champagne bar, snack shop for speedy departures and of course a fine-dining eatery for the more sophisticated traveller.

India took her inspiration for the design from Palis Royal and this can be seen in her rich choice of materials. Lush velvets in lime greens and candy blue leathers accompanied by the elaborate brass lighting swirling above the champagne bar creates a concise, elegant and theatrical atmosphere.

Simple framed monochrome photography paying homage to Paris uniforms the mud grey walls which lead to a honeycomb structured ceiling.

The restaurant is a pastiche of many different styles and clearly influenced by Frances post-war love for Arts Décoratifs. Overall the interior fully embodies luxury, glamour and exuberance.

I love Paris, we love your interior.

image source: Pinterest

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